A Review of Ruthless Vows by Rebecca Ross

Ruthless Vows” is a novel written by Rebecca Ross, released on December 26, 2023.


Two weeks had elapsed since Iris Winnow returned home, her spirit bruised and heartbroken from the front lines. However, the specter of war still looms large. Roman remains missing, and the city of Oath remains ensnared in a state of disbelief and ignorance. Presented with another opportunity to report on Dacre’s movements, Iris and Attie seize the chance, venturing westward once more despite the looming danger. They are acutely aware that the conflict inches ever closer to an unprepared city, fracturing beneath the iron grip of the chancellor’s reign.

Having awakened in Dacre’s realm with no recollection of his past, Roman finds solace in the promise that his memories will resurface in due time. Tentatively, Roman begins writing articles for Dacre, grappling with uncertainty about his role in the broader scope of the war. When an enigmatic letter arrives through his wardrobe door, Roman’s initial suspicion transforms into intrigue. Engaging in a correspondence with his mysterious pen pal, Roman faces a pivotal decision: whether to align with Dacre or betray the god who bestowed healing upon him. As the days grow darker, inexorably drawing Roman and Iris closer, they find themselves risking not only their hearts but also their futures to alter the course of the war.

The novel is the conclusion to the intensely romantic and beautifully written story that started in her previous book, Divine Rivals.

Intrigue and conflict:

  • The tension of Roman’s lost past and potential betrayal keeps the reader guessing. Who is the mysterious pen pal, and how will their words influence Roman’s choices?
  • The unknown fate of the war and the danger Iris and Attie face add to the suspense. Will they manage to expose Dacre’s movements and warn Oath?
  • The fractured city of Oath, living in ignorance under the chancellor’s rule, presents a complex social and political landscape. How will the war impact them, and will their trust in Dacre crumble?

Character and relationships:

  • Iris and Attie’s loyalty and courage despite the hardships inspire empathy and connection. Will their determination lead to victory or further heartbreak?
  • Roman’s journey of rediscovering himself and wrestling with conflicting loyalties promises emotional depth and moral introspection. Will he choose duty or love?
  • The growing closeness between Roman and Iris despite their opposing sides adds a layer of forbidden romance and potential sacrifice. How will their feelings influence their ultimate decisions?

About Rebecca Ross

Rebecca Ross, the #1 New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling author, specializes in fantasy books catered to both teens and adults.

Her repertoire includes several highly praised duologies, such as “Letters of Enchantment,” “Elements of Cadence,” and “The Queen’s Rising,” alongside two standalone novels: “Dreams Lie Beneath” and “Sisters of Sword & Song.

Away from the writing desk, you’ll likely find her in her garden, where she cultivates not only wildflowers but also story ideas. Resides in Northeast Georgia, she shares her home with her husband and faithful dog companion. For glimpses into her world, check out her Instagram @beccajross or visit her online at www.rebeccarossauthor.com.

Rebecca is represented by Suzie Townsend of New Leaf Literary & Media.

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