What is Epic Books? Your Guide to the Kids’ Reading Platform

Epic! is its own independent company and platform. They are a digital reading subscription service designed especially for kids 12 and under. Here’s what makes them unique:

  • Focus on Children’s Books: Epic! specializes in curated ebooks, audiobooks, educational videos, and more, all carefully selected for their age-appropriateness and quality.
  • Partnership with Publishers: They work directly with well-known publishers, allowing them to offer a vast library of popular titles alongside original content.
  • Accessibility: Epic! can be accessed through their website or dedicated apps on various devices.
  • Subscription Model: They offer affordable subscription plans for families and educators.

What kinds of books are on Epic?

Epic is like a digital treasure chest for bookworms! Imagine thousands of books at your fingertips. Let’s break down what you’ll find:

  • Picture Booksaplenty: Adorable illustrations, sing-song rhymes, and classic tales – perfect for the littlest readers.
  • Fiction Fanatics: Chapters books galore! From silly adventures to magical quests, your kiddo can dive into whole new worlds.
  • Graphic Novels & Comics: Boom! Pow! Superheroes, hilarious mishaps, and eye-catching art for visual learners.
  • Educational Adventures: Science, history, and biographies come alive with fun facts and colorful graphics.
  • Read-To-Me Books: A soothing voice narrates stories while the words light up, helping early readers practice.
  • And More! Audiobooks, nonfiction galore, even Spanish and French titles – the library keeps growing!

What is the purpose of Epic books?

Epic is on a mission to make reading fun and accessible to all kids! Here’s what they’re all about:

  • Igniting a love of reading: With exciting stories and captivating images, Epic transforms reading from a chore to a thrilling adventure.
  • Growing Confident Readers: Features like Read-To-Me and audiobooks help kids tackle tricky words, building reading confidence.
  • Nurturing Curiosity: From animals to outer space, Epic books spark a thirst for knowledge about the world.
  • Reading, Anytime, Anywhere: With Epic on a phone, tablet, or computer, there’s always a chance to escape into a good book.

How do I find books on Epic?

Epic makes it super easy to discover the perfect read:

  • Search!: Got something specific in mind? Type it in the search bar – title, author, topic…anything goes!
  • Explore Collections: Epic has curated collections like “Animals”, “Funny Stories”, or “Books Made into Movies”.
  • Browse by Age: Find recommendations tailored to your child’s age group for that “just right” challenge.
  • Check Out What’s Popular: See what other kids are loving and get inspired!

What age is Epic books for?

Epic is built for kids ages 12 and under! Here’s why it’s so great for different ages:

  • Tots & Preschoolers: Picture books, read-to-me books, and simple stories help kickstart their reading journey.
  • Elementary Readers: Expanding vocabulary, diverse storylines, and tons of engaging graphic novels.
  • Confident Readers: Longer novels, intriguing nonfiction, and even a taste of different languages to explore.