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Go ask Alice
Go Ask Alice: What's the Deal with this Controversial Book?
Remember That Super Intense Book From Middle School? Okay, be honest: does the title “Go Ask Alice”...
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a river enchanted
Review: A River Enchanted: A Novel by Rebecca Ross
Rebecca Ross‘s debut adult fantasy novel, “A River Enchanted,” is a captivating tale...
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epic books
What is Epic Books? Your Guide to the Kids' Reading Platform
Epic! is its own independent company and platform. They are a digital reading subscription service designed...
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climate change community
Impact of Climate Change on Biodiversity and Ecosystems
Imagine Earth as a giant, interconnected web of life. Plants, animals, insects, even tiny microbes –...
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Rio Summit
Introduction to Climate Change Progress
Hey there! Remember that whole “climate change” thing? Yeah, it’s still a big issue,...
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The Kisra’s Horsemen
Unveiling History: Guy Tchibozo's Journey Through "The Kisra's Horsemen"
Hey there, fellow book enthusiasts! Today, let’s embark on a literary journey through the pages...
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funny story
Review: Funny Story by Emily Henry
Emily Henry returns with another relatable, hilarious, and cathartic rom-com, centering on the challenges...
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post release
Ensuring Your Book Stays Relevant Post-Release
Many writers aim to publish a book that will stand the test of time and continue to resonate with future...
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Man Hand writing Who Is Your Audience? with black marker on visu
Who Is Your Target Audience? Discover Whether They Actually Exist with This Simple Trick
Defining your target audience can be challenging for new writers without any established readership....
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Shelby Van Pelt (1)
Remarkably Bright Creatures: A Read with Jenna Pick
Summary of Remarkably Bright Creatures: A Read with Jenna Pick Remarkably Bright Creatures by Shelby...
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