Ultimate Guide to Louise Penny Books in Order: Your Complete Reading List

Louise Penny is a mystery novelist from Canada. Her Chief Inspector Armand Gamache series, situated in the fictional hamlet of Three Pines, Quebec, is her most well-known work. The books have been hailed for their beautiful language, fascinating characters, and tense stories. They have received various honors, including the Agatha, Barry, and Dilys Awards.

Louise Penny's Books in Order

Here’s a brief summary of each book in the series:

  1. “Still Life” (2005): Chief Inspector Armand Gamache of the Sûreté du Québec investigates the suspicious death of an artist in the quaint village of Three Pines, uncovering secrets and dark motives hidden beneath the surface of this seemingly peaceful community.

  2. “A Fatal Grace” (2007): Gamache returns to Three Pines to solve the murder of a cruel and universally disliked woman during a Christmas celebration, delving into the complex relationships and enmities of the townsfolk.

  3. “The Cruelest Month” (2008): Gamache is called to Three Pines again, this time to investigate a death during a séance at a haunted house. As he peels back the layers of deceit, he uncovers the dark history of the village and its residents.

  4. “A Rule Against Murder” (2009): Gamache and his wife take a vacation at a remote inn, but their idyllic getaway is disrupted when a murder occurs. Gamache navigates a web of family secrets to unravel the truth.

  5. “The Brutal Telling” (2009): A beloved hermit in Three Pines is found dead, and Gamache discovers a hidden treasure that leads to murder and deception, challenging his understanding of the people he thought he knew.

  6. “Bury Your Dead” (2010): Gamache is on leave in Quebec City but becomes embroiled in two murder investigations, one of which is tied to a historical mystery involving Samuel de Champlain.

  7. “A Trick of the Light” (2011): When a celebrated artist is found dead in her studio, Gamache and his team delve into the competitive art world of Montreal to uncover the truth behind her death.

  8. “The Beautiful Mystery” (2012): Gamache and his partner investigate a murder at a remote monastery known for its beautiful Gregorian chants, revealing jealousy and discord among the monks.

  9. “How the Light Gets In” (2013): Gamache confronts a powerful enemy within the Sûreté du Québec while trying to solve a murder case and save his beloved Three Pines from destruction.

  10. “The Long Way Home” (2014): Gamache and his wife search for a missing friend in the wilderness of Quebec, uncovering old secrets and hidden truths about their friend’s past.

  11. “The Nature of the Beast” (2015): Gamache investigates a murder in a small village, where a boy’s discovery of a mysterious map may hold the key to solving the crime.

  12. “A Great Reckoning” (2016): Gamache becomes the head of the Sûreté Academy and is tasked with rooting out corruption while investigating a murder with links to an old map.

  13. “Glass Houses” (2017): Gamache faces a moral dilemma when a mysterious figure appears in Three Pines, while he also investigates a murder case involving a lethal game of conscience.

  14. “Kingdom of the Blind” (2018): Gamache is named the executor of a stranger’s will and gets involved in a complex case, uncovering financial schemes and a deadly opioid crisis.

  15. “A Better Man” (2019): Gamache returns to work to investigate a case involving a missing woman and catastrophic spring floods in Quebec, while dealing with personal and professional challenges.

  16. “All the Devils Are Here” (2020): Gamache and his wife travel to Paris, but when his godfather is critically injured in a hit-and-run, Gamache delves into a dangerous world of family secrets and corporate corruption.