Unveiling History: Guy Tchibozo’s Journey Through “The Kisra’s Horsemen”

Hey there, fellow book enthusiasts! Today, let’s embark on a literary journey through the pages of “The Kisra’s Horsemen” by the brilliant mind of Guy Tchibozo. But before we dive into the intricate tale woven within its chapters, let’s get acquainted with the mastermind behind the pen.

Meet Guy Tchibozo, a man whose life story itself reads like an epic adventure. Born in Benin in 1960, Tchibozo’s academic journey led him through the corridors of the prestigious IEP in Paris, culminating in a doctorate in economics. However, his passion for education and the intricate dance between learning and labor led him to dedicate his career to unraveling the complexities of education-work relationships. From the University of La Réunion to Strasbourg and Limoges, Tchibozo’s academic prowess shone brightly, eventually leading him to the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) in Greece, where he lent his expertise as a vocational training expert.


Now, let’s shift our focus to the star of the show: “The Kisra’s Horsemen.” Imagine being whisked away on a journey through time, back to 636 AD, where the clash of civilizations reverberates across the lands. Tchibozo, with meticulous attention to historical detail, breathes life into the legend of Kisra, painting a vivid portrait of the formidable journey that carried Africans from Iran to the shores of West Africa during the Middle Ages.

At the heart of the tale lies the fate of black mercenaries from the Persian cavalry, whose lives hang in the balance after the crushing defeat of the Sassanid army at Qadisiyya by the Muslim troops of the Rashidun Caliphate. Forced into exile to evade the clutches of slavery, these resilient souls embark on a journey spanning over 8,000 kilometers. From the sands of Jordan to the lush plains of Nigeria, their odyssey winds through Egypt, Sudan, and Chad, ultimately leading them to the shores of the Gulf of Benin in the 11th century.

It is here, amidst the rich tapestry of African tradition and oral lore, that Tchibozo unveils the legacy of the exiled mercenaries. They establish kingdoms whose echoes resonate through the annals of history, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural landscape of Nigeria and the Republic of Benin.

What sets “The Kisra’s Horsemen” apart is Tchibozo’s masterful blend of established historical facts, oral tradition, and a touch of fiction. Through his prose, he seamlessly navigates between the realms of reality and imagination, inviting readers to partake in a captivating saga that transcends the boundaries of time and space.

So, dear readers, if you’re yearning for an immersive literary experience that transports you to distant lands and bygone eras, look no further than “The Kisra’s Horsemen” by the incomparable Guy Tchibozo. It’s a tale of resilience, redemption, and the enduring spirit of humanity that will linger in your thoughts long after you’ve turned the final page.

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